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Ancillary Products to Enhance Your Insulation Needs

Benefit from K&G Distribution's vast array of ancillary products, designed to augment your insulation systems. From adhesives to tapes and fixings, our offerings cater to a broad range of applications, ensuring optimal performance and seamless installation.

Comprehensive Ancillaries for All Your Insulation Needs

Experience the variety of K&G Distribution's ancillaries, specifically designed to support and enhance your insulation systems. Our offerings assure efficient performance and ease of installation across diverse applications.Our offerings in this area include:

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Aluminium Foil Tape

Essential for multi-faceted applications, enhancing thermal insulation, ensuring heat deflection, and resisting moisture effectively.

Avdel TT55D Rivet Pliers

Robust and reliable, offering seamless and efficient rivet installation for a variety of applications.

Aviation Snips by Wiss

Superior quality tool, excelling in precision cutting across different materials, suitable for diverse operations.

Denso Tape

Offering exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring extended durability for pipelines and metallic surfaces.

Densofil Slabs (2kg)

Light yet robust insulation slabs, ideal for achieving superior thermal and acoustic results.

Disposable Overalls

Provides essential protective coverage, ensuring hygiene and safety across diverse work environments.

Economy Paint Brush

A budget-friendly solution for everyday painting needs and DIY endeavours, ensuring quality results.

Fosters 95-44 Elastolar Sealant

Superior elastomeric sealant ensuring excellent adherence and resilience against varying weather conditions.

General Purpose Silicon Sealer

A multi-use silicone sealer, ideal for diverse sealing and bonding tasks, ensuring strong and durable results.

Hexagonal Wire Netting

Strong and flexible netting roll, perfect for fencing, animal enclosures, and garden applications.

Identification Banding

A versatile banding solution, perfect for labeling and identification needs in industrial environments.

Identification Triangles

Triangular markers available individually or in a roll for easy identification and marking.

Industrial Clear Waste Bags

Large, clear and robust waste bags are ideal for all your waste management needs, ensuring tidy workspaces.

Isogenopak Rivets

Pack of 1000 rivets specifically engineered for secure fastening of Isogenopak insulation materials.

Lacing Wire

Flexible and durable wire used for securing and tying purposes in various industries and applications.

Large Clear Waste Bags

Spacious, clear waste bags in a pack of 100, perfect for efficient waste management in various settings.

Nitrile Insulation Adhesive

Premium adhesive, formulated for high-quality bonding of nitrile insulation materials, ensuring reliable and durable results.

Nitrile Insulation Adhesive Tape

Robust and durable tape, specifically designed for secure bonding of nitrile insulation materials.

P3 Masks

High-performance masks offering P3-level protection against harmful particles, ensuring safer working conditions.

P35 Staple Pliers

Versatile pliers designed for P35 staples, offering efficient and effective fastening capabilities.

P35 Staples

Sturdy staples compatible with P35 staple pliers, ideal for heavy-duty fastening applications.

PCL Tape

Strong and durable tape suitable for a wide range of applications, known for its quality and reliability.

PIB Rapid Weld

Efficient and fast-welding method for PIB (Polyisobutylene) roofing membranes.

Safeblade 2 System

Innovative safety system for blades, ensuring secure handling and preventing accidents.

Self Adhesive Pins and Washers

Convenient self-adhesive fasteners for secure attachment of insulation materials.

Skeleton Gun

Handy tool for dispensing sealants and adhesives with precision and control.

Sprayable Adhesive

Versatile adhesive in spray form, ideal for easy and even application on various surfaces.

T50 Staple Gun/Tracker

Versatile staple gun/tracker compatible with T50 staples, perfect for various fastening tasks.

T50 Staples (10mm)

10mm staples suitable for a range of applications, compatible with T50 staple guns.

T74 Cold Weather Foil Tape

Cold weather-resistant foil tape, providing excellent adhesion and insulation properties.

P22 Staple Pliers

Robust pliers specially designed for P22 staples, enhancing your stapling efficiency.

P22 Staples

Heavy-duty staples tailored for demanding tasks, perfectly compatible with P22 staplers.

Pure Aluminium Foil

High-quality aluminium foil, perfect for insulation, heat reflection, and moisture barrier applications.

Our comprehensive range of ancillaries can be customised to ensure a seamless fit and deliver exceptional performance. Elevate your insulation projects today!

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