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Exceptional Metal Products: Your Key to Enhanced Structures

At K&G Distribution, we leverage our technical expertise to provide a diverse array of metal products, each designed to fit a multitude of applications. Every metal product in our portfolio is engineered to uphold structural integrity and offer superior durability. We pride ourselves on delivering a selection that flawlessly combines high performance with outstanding longevity. From construction to bespoke design, our metal products promise to enhance your projects, ensuring optimal balance between quality, strength, and practicality.

Customised Metal Products Solutions

Indulge in high-quality, bespoke metal products from K&G Distribution, designed for enhanced durability and efficiency across a variety of applications.

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Aluminium Banding

Versatile, durable aluminium banding ideal for bundling and securing items; available in 2kg package.

Aluminium Banding Clips

Ideal 19mm aluminium clips for securing banding in diverse applications, sold in packs of 100.

Aluminium Rivets

Lightweight aluminium rivets, perfect for secure fastening across a wide range of materials.

Aluminium Wing Seals

Corrosion-resistant wing seals offering secure fastening for insulation and cladding.

Drill Bits (Cobalt & HSS)

Premium Cobalt and High-Speed Steel drill bits designed for precise, efficient drilling.

Panhead & POZI Screws

Top-quality Pozi screws known for easy application and secure hold in various tasks.

St/St Screws No.8 x 1/2"

Robust, stainless steel screws ideal for versatile applications; available in a box of 1000.

Stainless Steel Banding Clips

Strong clips designed for securely fastening stainless steel bands in industrial settings.

Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws

Corrosion-resistant screws designed for easy, pre-drill free installation.

Toggle & Latch Clips

Secure toggle and latch clips (no.25) providing reliable closure and ease of use.

Zinc Plated Self Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws featuring zinc plating for corrosion resistance and reliable fastening.

Stainless Steel Rivets

Strong, durable stainless steel rivets, perfect for secure and permanent fastening across applications.

Every metal product can be customised to meet your distinct requirements, ensuring an impeccable fit and exceptional performance. Opt for superior metal solutions today!

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Premium Metal Products

Welcome to your ultimate source for top-tier Metal Products. Our breadth of experience and commitment to quality assurance make us the trusted choice for a comprehensive range of durable and efficient metal solutions.

  • Customised Solutions

    We understand that each project has unique needs. Our team is adept at offering bespoke Metal Products solutions, designed and tailored to your specific project requirements, assuring optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Superior Service

    We believe in delivering value that extends beyond our Metal Products. Our client-focused approach prioritizes your needs and ensures a satisfying experience with our exceptional customer service and professional support.

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