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We create bespoke insulation

At K&G Distribution, our comprehensive approach to technical insulation merges industry-leading design and manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal solutions for a range of applications. Our products aren't just designed to insulate; they're engineered to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, durability, and environmental benefits.

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    Personalised attention from our dedicated team to understand and cater to your unique insulation needs.

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    Safe packaging and transport to guarantee your products arrive in pristine condition.

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Leveraging Top-Quality Products for Bespoke Insulation Solutions

At K&G Distribution, we believe that the cornerstone of superior bespoke insulation solutions is the use of the finest materials. We source our products from top manufacturers worldwide, ensuring we utilise only the highest quality materials in the creation of your custom insulation.

Types Of Bespoke Insulation

Leveraging our proficiency in technical insulation, we are equipped to provide a broad spectrum of bespoke solutions that cater to a variety of industries. Each insulation type we offer is designed to optimise energy efficiency and minimise environmental footprint, striking the perfect balance between performance and sustainability.

  • Bespoke Ductwork
  • In-House Products
  • Insulation Fabrication
  • Additional Features

Bespoke Ductwork

We provide high-quality, custom-made ductwork solutions. Our offerings in this area include:

Image 1

Starter – Segment – Finisher Bends

Custom-shaped bends ensuring seamless ductwork fitting and efficient air flow.

Boot Tees

Specially designed tees for efficient branching of ducts in HVAC systems.


Standardised junctions that split airflow direction within ducting systems.

Pipe Section Mat (PSM)

High-performance insulation tailored for circular pipes, enhancing thermal efficiency.

Off Set Tees:

Offset junctions providing flexible ductwork layout options and streamlined

Square to Round Transitions:

Adapters that enable efficient transition from square to circular ductwork.


Components used to decrease duct size, ensuring controlled airflow and pressure.

R+B Lags

Robust lagging solutions for thermal, acoustic, and energy efficiency in ductwork.

Slotted Circular Ducting:

Circular ducts with slots, allowing for easy installation and superior airflow.

Each of these can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.

In-House Products

Our range of in-house products is designed to cater to diverse insulation needs. These include:

Image 1

AC110 (Full Sheets + Pre-Cut Sizes)

Versatile insulation sheets, available in full and pre-cut sizes for tailored applications.

Acousti-Lag (Full Sheets + Pre-Cut Sizes)

Sound-dampening insulation sheets, perfect for noise control in various settings.

Mineral Wool Pipe Supports (PS200 Pipe Supports)

Durable supports providing structural integrity and insulation to piping systems.

Loose Fill Insulation (5kg Bags)

Efficient, easy-to-use insulation offering great coverage, thermal resistance, and sound absorption.

Duct Supports (DS200)

Structural supports designed for enhanced stability and longevity of ductwork installations.

Square to Round Transitions:

Adapters that enable efficient transition from square to circular ductwork.

Phenolic Pipe Supports

High-performing supports providing exceptional thermal insulation to pipes in varied applications.

All our in-house products are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance.

Insulation Fabrication

Our insulation fabrication services are comprehensive, enabling us to create products that meet specific criteria. We work with various materials, including:

Image 1

Section (Mineral Wool, Phenolic, Glass, PSM)

Versatile insulation sections using varied materials, tailored to specific application needs.


Flat, large-format insulation, perfect for walls, roofs, and floors.

Bespoke Ducting

Custom-made ducting solutions to fit any space or requirements.


Flexible and lightweight insulation material offering excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

PIR (Rigid Foam):

Durable insulation with high thermal performance, ideal for a variety of applications.

Phenolic DuctBoard

High-performing board insulation offering thermal efficiency and fire resistance.

By offering a range of materials and fabrication services, we ensure optimal insulation solutions tailored to the unique requirements of every project.

Additional Features

We provide high-quality, custom-made ductwork & insulation solutions. Our offerings in this area include:

Image 1

Self-Adhesive Backing

Easy-to-apply adhesive for insulation, streamlining installation and enhancing durability.

Silicone Cloth

Resilient, flexible fabric providing superior thermal insulation and heat resistance.

Class 'O' Foil:

Fire-resistant foil offering thermal insulation, ideal for HVAC and building applications.


Polymer-based insulation boasting high thermal performance and excellent water resistance.

Proclad (150 +350):

Durable cladding solution for insulation, available in various thicknesses for different applications.

Isogenopak (+ Pre-cut Sizes):

Versatile, easy-to-use insulation wrap, available in pre-cut sizes for convenience.

Acoustic Barrier (5kg + 10kg)

High-density material offering excellent sound absorption, available in two weights.

With these additional features, we further enhance the performance of our insulation solutions, ensuring they meet a variety of specific requirements and applications.

Tailored To Your Requirements

Our bespoke insulation options are far from one-size-fits-all. They are shaped by your unique needs and specifications, ensuring an ideal fit for your project or application. Our approach to customisation is flexible and limitless, accommodating a myriad of specifications regardless of industry or application.

Bespoke Ductwork Solutions

Enjoy optimised air flow with our custom-fitted ductwork, meticulously tailored to align with your unique needs and infrastructure.

Service Excellence

We walk you through the process, providing expert guidance to ensure the perfect implementation of your bespoke ductwork solutions.

Diverse Industry Services

Experience the quality of our in-house products, crafted with meticulous attention to ensure the best performance.

Quality Assured

Our in-house production allows us to maintain high standards, ensuring you receive superior products that meet your unique requirements.

Insulation Fabrication

Opt for our expert insulation fabrication, designed to meet the most stringent specifications for superior energy efficiency.

Made to Measure

Each of our insulation solutions is meticulously fabricated to your specifications, bolstering thermal performance and fit for your project needs.

Additional Features

Beyond insulation, delve into our additional features that enhance your project's overall functionality and value.

Beyond the Basics

Our insulation solutions are meticulously fabricated to your specifications, amplifying thermal performance and fit for your unique project requirements.

Versatile Finishes: Tailoring Your Insulation Products to Perfection

Whether you are working on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, the aesthetic and functional requirements can greatly vary. At K&G Distribution, we understand that insulation isn't just about energy efficiency and thermal performance. It's also about seamlessly integrating into your project's overall design and finish, enhancing both visual appeal and functionality.

That's why we go beyond simply providing bespoke insulation products. We offer a wide range of finishes that can be applied to your custom insulation solutions, ensuring they not only fit your specific thermal and acoustic requirements but also align with the aesthetic considerations of your project.

Custom-Built Insulation Success Stories & Manufacturing Process

Discover our extensive portfolio of bespoke insulation solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of various projects. Each case study showcases how we've mastered the art of tailoring insulation products to meet specific requirements, providing optimal energy efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. Dive into the journey of our innovative approaches and see firsthand how our custom insulation solutions have transformed the comfort, efficiency, and safety of buildings across diverse sectors.

Experience K&G Distribution

Dive into our journey of providing industry-leading insulation solutions. Discover how K&G Distribution ensures quality, affordability, and efficiency in every project.




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